Dear Boys, 

 Today you might say, she’ll always be there or she’ll always understand. Never knowing that she might get tired one day. Perhaps not today but tomorrow she’ll wake up feeling tired of all your crap.  She’ll get fed up being the person you only remember when you’re not too busy and got nothing else to do; when all of your friends are unavailable for another  drinking nights or when you ran out of games to play with on your computer. When that day comes, she wont even need the strength to walk out on you, she’ll simply will.   

No she’s not asking for you to devote your entire time with her nor she wants you to message  her constantly to where you’re heading to or who you are with, she simply wants to know you’re okay; but one day she wont even give a damn if you  don’t go home anymore. Not because she stop caring, it’s just because she got used to not having you around. 

 You said she’s making lots of threat by saying she wants to leave you, because of this and that.  No, it wasn’t a threat it is simply a plea, that you change the way you’re treating her  so she wont have to go.  You said she’s being  too insecure whenever she gets jealous, but have you asked yourself why she feels that way?    You said she’s being too clingy when she always wanted to be hold or being overly sweet. She probably doing this, because she knows, tomorrow you’ll belong to someone else. 

Every time that she  says that you’ve changed. You brush it off by saying, you’re over thinking things or you’re just being hormonal.  Without reassessing what she has said, that maybe just maybe, you’re treating her differently now than you used too.   

 And if you don’t love her, at least be kind enough not to make her feel like trash.  Don’t take advantage of that love she gives to you generously.  

Remember what they say in the mall, you break it you pay for it.  Maybe not today… 



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2. Who says fashion needs to be expensive?/ Something borrowed, make it your own

top- no boundaries 

skirt- hand me down clothes from Hongkong 

boots-gift from my sister 

Bags- borrowed from my friends Ana and Razel 

// In between //

 You were never meant to be and you know it, but somehow you find yourself standing beside him and holding his hands.  He knows how to make you laugh but he also knows how to make you cry.    

You don’t know when it started or how it begun, but you find yourself looking forward in seeing him. He became part of your existence.  You’ve made plans with him and you thought of the future with him, even dreamed of it, despite knowing that there’ll never be ‘you and him’.   His touch let’s you know, how much he cares for you, his words assures you that he cares for you, just not the way you wish it would be.   

It was in his eyes that you find comfort – made you hope that maybe there could be a chance between the two of you despite him telling you that there would never be Mrs. Him.  He never lead you into anything, it was just your foolish heart secretly wishing that there’s more to you than just ‘more than friends but less than lovers status’. 

Something Google- photographed by  Candice Lake  

Something Google- photographed by  Candice Lake  

My student and CCF friend Faye Santos, training MT at Fist Gym | Facebook

 Going back to Muay thai mitts training after a few months break. it’s good to be back, good to be back 

something classic

something classic

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Hair color that I wish will suit me 

Hair color that I wish will suit me 

Anonymous said: This diet actually works better than the other one. My brother lost 30lbs in a few weeks with it bit(.)ly/tumblr23

what kind of diet was it?

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